Thank you for your contribution and commitment to the Lab!

The Future // Imperfect Lab is bringing together diverse leaders to co-create the future of work for Denmark. Learn more about our program here. 

Sponsor a Seat in Our Program – Your 5000 DKK contribution will go towards: 

  • Sponsoring 1 community participant seat in our Lab to ensure a changemaker from a low-income, underrepresented community will benefit from this program. 
  • Achieving a greater diversity of voices and perspectives are represented in the conversation about the future of work and are part of co-creating the solutions that we need. 
  • Giving local changemakers the high-level facilitation, training, and mentorship to create potential solutions that address the larger systems at play in our country. 
  • Making this Lab possible and free to participants and supporting an innovation fund for the prototypes the Lab will create with the participants.

Sponsor the Overall Program – Your sponsorship will go towards the following: 

  • The Running costs of the Lab and its location
  • Prototype Support and Mentorship
  • Community Events
  • Learning Journeys for Participants

We are thankful for your contribution!


Interested in a Strategic Partnership?

We encourage funders and corporations interested in making larger sponsorships, gifts, grants, or donations to connect with our Lab Leads, Federico Bortoletto and Veera Hyytiä