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The ‘lab team’ are the heartbeat of the Rapid Action lab. They are group of people that will be supported to work together through the process to deepen their understanding of the challenge locally, come up with possible solutions and test and develop those solutions in action using the innovation fund.

  • Are you are personally connected to the lab challenge and feel a strong sense of passion about working to addressing it?

  • Do you have the ability to commit approximately 90 hours of dedicated time to the working with lab?

You might be a parent, student's service provider, teacher, community sector professional, researcher, local representative or more. These are all vital perspectives to have in the team.

We are looking for 30 - 40 passionate and committed people from all across the Aarhus future employment ecosystem who say ‘Yes!’ when they read these questions to step up and join our lab team.

If you feel inspired to join the Lab Team or just want to hear more, sign up and we'll be in touch!


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