Get Involved

Participants will grow personally, gain empathy, tighten our bonds as a community and create solutions that could impact Denmark for years to come! They will have a chance to connect with high-level leaders from diverse sectors and work alongside changemakers committed to creating a better future. It’s an incredible opportunity for someone looking to make a strategic and heartfelt impact.

This is how you can get involved:


Join the lab team

The ‘lab team’ are the heartbeat of the Rapid Action lab. They are group of people that will be supported to work together through the process to deepen their understanding of the challenge locally, come up with possible solutions and test and develop those solutions in action using the innovation fund.


become a champion

Lab Champions are people who actively support the lab in many different ways. This can include advocating for the labs activities in their context, spreading the word about the lab, encouraging people to get involved or offering background support the lab team with testing their solutions.


become a partner

Are you interested in participating in an active role into the designing and running of the lab? We are looking for people that want to become part of our team. 
Come join us!