The Lab–Next Events


internet week denmark - workshop

We look at how society as a whole will be changed by robots and artificial intelligence, exploring new possibilities and challenges with a talk by Søren T. Hansen, PhD of Brainbotics and a Workshop run by Future // Imperfect in collaboration with Kaospilot.

May 3rd - Dome of Visions – Aarhus, DK

prototype lab with aist - workshop

Prototyping workshop with Japanese research facility National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology to gain new insight and awareness of the impact of technology on society.

September 22nd - Kaospilot – Aarhus, DK


future event // team kick-off workshop and studios

During this time the team work to understand the challenge from multiple perspectives and develop potential solutions.

Aarhus, DK

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future event // action cycles

During this time smaller sub-teams actively test possible solutions out in the field by over a 4 week period.

Aarhus, DK