Process outline + invitation 

Bring together diverse leaders that find the situation unacceptable to explore an experimental way forward in identifying a core challenge.

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Have a solid strategy and process focused on Stretch-Collaboration to identify a shared and agreed core challenge within the Port Expansion/Citizen Participation situation in Aarhus bringing in together diverse stakeholders.

desired outcome

Hierarchical structure is somewhat dissipated, a core challenge is identified and a group of potential challenge holders is willing to bring the process forward: a platform for system change is created through new or strengthened relationships.


How WE DID it

Warm up Meeting: Becoming aware of the System and moving to Non-Player role.

  • Introduction to Non-Player Role

  • Learning Journey

  • Voices from the Field

  • Experiential Dinner

Main Meeting: Surfaces all perspective and hear all the voices of people connected with the challenge to identify one Core Aspect of it.

  • Challenge Scoping (Based on Roller’s Challenge Canvas) for each participant

  • Identification of common Challenges, gain a systemic view

  • Core Challenges scoped and agreed upon

  • Formulation of one Challenge Statement: “How can we work together to…”

Holder Meeting:

  • Introduction to Social Lab practice

  • Identification of one or more potential challenge holders willing to bring the process forward

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