Goal hierarchy

Goal hierarchy is a tool for getting everyone in the group on the same page about what is the common aim of the work.



Align as a group about what we want to achieve


A visual goal hierarchy that answers the following questions:

  • Vision – What does the project support?

  • Objectives – What is the purpose with the project? Why is the project necessary? What is the overall achievement?

  • Effects – What are the effects of the project? What is it we want to see happen?

  • Deliverables – What are the actual “products” that we will deliver within the project? What should be ready when the project is completed?

  • Success criteria – Validating and positioning the project

  • Demands – Non-negotiable demands set by the project owner/client



We chose to use the goal hierarchy to align as a group about what we wanted to achieve. We spent almost a full day to align as a crew and have referred to the goal hierarchy since then when in doubt about a direction. We have only used the goal hierarchy for internal use.