Workstreams + Scrum master 

Workstreams intend to help organizing tasks as well as clarifying roles – who is on what task.

Scrum is a methodology often used in product development that allows a team to self-organize and makes changed quickly.

Scrum master is the facilitator of the agile development team.



Organizing the crew’s work into smaller, more manageable bites and clarifying roles – who is working on what.

desired outcome

  • An overview of tasks and who is responsible for what

  • A crew member holding overview of all the tasks as a scrum master


How WE DID it

We adapted the workstreams as an attempt to chop the workload up into smaller, more manageable streams. In our case we started with “Stakeholder Engagement”, “Governance”, “Crew Stuff” “Communication & Documentation”, Research & Development” and “Logistics” as workstreams. The streams were created and changed upon need – for example for our 2-week research epoch on the third and fourth week of the project we paused all the general streams and only worked on research tasks.