Resistance model 

A tool that helps the group navigate in resistance.

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  • Address and understand resistance that is within the crew/work/project/challenge.

  • Find a way to move forward with the understanding of both sides of the resistance, by listening to each side’s underlying needs.

desired outcome

  • A feeling of ‘Heard, seen, respected’ from each crew member.

  • The resistance within the group have been voiced in an honest and respectful way.

  • Common grounds of both sides of the resistance have been found, and a way to address it and move forward together with the understanding and respect for both sides.

  • A safe space where people feel they can share their resistance without being judged and/or shamed.


How WE DID it

The exercise/model is layed down physically on the floor, with each step written on a piece of paper. This is done so that the person doing the exercise can physically step into the different steps/phases of the exercise to be better able to understand each one.

One member of the crew is to walk through the exercise/model with the rest of the crew member sitting in a circle around observing. They are there for help and support if the on going through the exercise needs help to formulate themselves or need to be asked more questions to better understand each step.

The whole crew is there to understand and empathize with the one going through the exercise.

The exercise is repeated as many times as needed, for each resistance within each person.

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