Lab leads

The lab leads have the role as leaders of the lab. They serve to create a foundation for the Rapid action lab in order to have meaningful work for the rest of the team.



  • Hold most of the responsibility of the governance stack especially during the first phases of identifying opportunities.

  • Take decisions of scoping the challenge and setting a strategic direction, until the decision to involve the crew more in these crucial processes.

  • Negotiating terms of collaboration and communication to strategic partners.

desired outcome

Ensure that the preconditions are set and work gets done. Be in charge of strategic directions and developing preconditions


How WE DID it

Lab Leads were responsible for negotiating terms of collaboration and communication to our strategic partners:

  • Kaospilot

  • Roller Strategies

  • DareDisrupt

  • Center for Dialogue

Lab leads were leading the team by:

  • hosting and facilitating team meetings

  • one on one conversations

  • having and communicating the overview of the work

  • negotiating the terms of collaboration and recruitment