Full-time / freelance / out

Three ways of participating in the lab work.



For each person  to understand level of engagement from lab crew-members.

desired outcome

Get clear agreements and commitments internally


How WE DID it

Full Time: Includes attending the weekly lab sprint, checkups and review. Means spending time to do what is needed and being physically present.

Freelance: To match different needs in the crew, we created a “freelance” work stream. These tasks are supporting bigger tasks and have a clear deadline.

These tasks do not demand you to be geographically present, yet their completion is necessary. If a task is taken on and not fulfilled without any communication to the scrum master, this will be seen as indication of not being part of the lab.

Out: Not working on lab tasks nor attending lab touchpoint sessions.

For Kaospilot-students, this means the scrum master would also notify school of this decision as well the individual needs to clarify this with the school.

Applying the full time, freelance, out -structure created clarity of what was different crew members’ participation and time investment in the project. It also created clarity towards the school in terms of understanding the actual size of the working lab crew.