Mapping the system + 6 value capitals

When mapping out stakeholders, we wanted to make sure that there was a broad and diverse representation of interests. We therefore chose to base our stakeholder map on the six capitals, which represents value creation within financial, human, social, natural, intellectual and physical capital.



Have an understanding of the system around the port expansion,  identifying all “interests” represented in it through the 6 Capitals framework.

desired outcome

To have representatives from all capitals represented in the second phase of the system sensing: to gain a shared understanding of the challenge by gathering diverse stakeholders to make them aware of how they might see the situation differently.


How WE DID it

- Map the six capitals (natural, financial, human, social, physical & intellectual)

- First phase of research: identify immediate people that could be representing a specific capital (working from assumptions & available information)

- Map out the results of the first phase of research

- Identify connections between Capitals Representatives

- First wave of contacts to confirm that the right people have been places on the map. If not; inquire about who should be there. If yes; inquire on who else should be included

- Repeat until all 6 capitals have at least one representative that could be invited and represent the “voice” of that capital.