IWDK workshop

We took part in Internet Week Denmark festival with a lecture and workshop.



Our intention was to map out potential strategic directions for the Future // Imperfect rapid action lab, while inviting more people to participate.

desired outcome

  • Gain new insights into the future of automation.

  • Explore the challenges ahead from multiple perspectives.

  • Make new connections and meet like-minded people.



10:00 Talk: Søren T. Hansen, PhD / BrainBotics

When Machine Exceed People – gain insights into a new technological era

11:15 Workshop: Future Imperfect

Strategies For The Future

15:00 Introduction: The Future // Imperfect Lab

We warmed up after Sørens talk with the question: “What is automation to you and how do you see it developing?”in order to engage everyone in the process, create safe spaces for expression, and diminish power differentials

In order to see and hear what is happening in Aarhus, and open the conversation we talked about what’s alive in the system in groups: From your perspective, how is your everyday life (workplace /  school / community) being affected by automation?

We started to identify patterns or recurring themes we have noticed in the conversations and look at the bigger picture by discussing: How are these experiences and observations related to each other?

Next we started to narrow down and chose 2–3 themes to develop by mapping  Why / Who & Where / challenge / opportunity.

In the end the groups presented their results back to the rest of the participants.

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