How can we collectively create the best future for Aarhus?


Why is it important to move forward in a holistic way?

The current city plans for Tangkrogen and surrounding zones have the potential of shaping the future of the whole area for generations to come.

It will affect in various way every level of business, society and the local environment. This for us represents a complex social challenge that has a certain level of unpredictability, that requires action while having the awareness that we will never know everything that there is to know about it, and most importantly that requires adaptation since a "business as usual" approach cannot be the answer.

This is why we believe it is crucial for a positive outcome to involve all voices and perspectives in moving forward and we think that Social Labs - with their experimental, systemic and social approach - are the best way to positively create systemic change. 

“The power of solutions lies primarily in the people who believe in and own them.” — V. Srinavas


The Lab.

Aarhus, Denmark - 2019

The goal of the Future//Imperfect Lab is to bring together a team of people from wide ranging backgrounds who are connected to the Masterplan For Udvidelsen af Aarhus Havn 2020-2060 in different ways to work together to develop and test possible community driven solutions.


Developed through on the ground practice around the world, a Rapid Action Lab is a strategy for quickly enabling communities to come up with and test out possible solutions to challenges that they face. It is a useful process for addressing complex social situations, where changes are urgent and the stakes are high for people involved.


Over the course of 3 months the lab team will work together to develop and test a range of possible solutions to the automation challenge. The lab is made up of two main activities: 

  • Team Kick-Off workshop & Studios - During this time the team work to understand the challenge from multiple perspectives and develop potential solutions.

  • Action Cycles - During this time smaller sub-teams actively test possible solutions out in the field by over a 4 week period.

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Get involved! 
We’re looking forward to hearing different point of views, opinions and feelings: share what you think!

We’re on the look out for participants for the lab running in 2019. Jump on board!



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